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A Complete Thanksgiving Menu for Stress Free Entertaining #1

Ever thought about hosting Thanksgiving but, even the idea overwhelmed you? I’ve been there, done that, got that t-shirt. I’ve also hosted many elaborate dinner-parties where I spent days slaving away to put together all of the fanciest dishes that I knew (and didn’t know) how to make. It all left me exhausted by the end and defeated the whole purpose. Lesson learned.

Through the years I’ve learned the secrets and keys to effortless entertaining. Mostly it comes down to planning, planning, planning, and organization. Did I also say planning? Ha! Ha! I’ve also learned how important it is to carefully craft menus where most of the dishes can be made ahead. There are so many ways to prep ahead and freeze things while retaining all of the food’s flavor. 10 years of running a restaurant/bakery taught me those tricks and I’m so excited to share them all with you! Making delicious and equally beautiful food can be very easy. You can actually enjoy a dinner-party if you follow the tips in my book(s). After all, this is the season of gathering and cooking and creating memories and traditions. Why not do it with grace and ease?

I’ve created this ebook (and the 3 that will follow) to help you experience the joy of gathering together with loved ones to share a delicious, and equally impressive meal.  Feel free to switch out some of the recipes with your favorites. Try to keep the cooking style of the recipes that you’re substituting similar. For example, instead of making the Cheese & Phyllo spiral, you may substitute spinach pies, cheese pies, leek pies, etc. They can all be made weeks ahead and frozen.

Download this ebook HERE.

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