The Holiday Table: Menu #1


This brand new ebook features a full Holiday menu along with a step-by-step game plan for effortless and enjoyable entertaining. All of the recipes come with tips, tricks, and make-ahead options which is the key for stress-free entertaining.


Ever thought about hosting Thanksgiving but, even the idea overwhelmed you? I’ve been there, done that, got that t-shirt. I’ve also hosted many elaborate dinner-parties where I spent days slaving away to put together all of the fanciest dishes that I knew (and didn’t know) how to make. It all left me exhausted by the end and defeated the whole purpose. Lesson learned.

I’ve created this ebook (and the 3 that will follow) to help you experience the joy of gathering together with loved ones to share a delicious, and equally impressive meal. Follow all of the tips, tricks, and recipes and you will enjoy the entire experience. Stress-free! Most of the recipes in the book can be made weeks ahead and frozen or at least a day ahead and refrigerated. That’s the secret!


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