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How to Freeze Garlic for Months!

Learn how to freeze garlic so that you always have some on hand for your savory recipes. It keeps fresh in the freezer for months!



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If you’ve been following this blog or my YouTube channel for longer than 10 minutes, you know how important garlic is in my recipes. As a matter of fact, there are probably a total of maybe 15 recipes out of the over 500 that do not list garlic as one of the main ingredients. I’m talking about the savory recipes. This is not one of those garlic avocado ice cream blogs…haha! So, you can call me Basic Betty when it comes to keeping garlic where it belongs, and that’s only in savory dishes. 

Now that we’ve got that all sorted. Having frozen garlic on hand can be a lifesaver. Just break off a piece of the minced frozen garlic and add it to any soups, stews, and even dips. When we had our Greek cafe, we always had minced frozen garlic ready to be added to our hummus and tzatziki recipes. You cannot tell the difference between fresh and frozen if it is stored the proper way.

The Method:

It all begins with some peeled garlic cloves. I usually have garlic in my refrigerator in 2 forms: whole heads of garlic and big bags or jars of already peeled garlic cloves. This method is great for garlic preservation. It’s a great way to make your garlic last longer and prevent waste especially if you buy the already peeled garlic cloves which tend to go bad faster than you’d expect.

My favorite kitchen tool for this process is a food processor. This is the one that I have owned for the past 5 years (maybe longer) and you may purchase it from my Amazon affiliate right here:


Place the garlic cloves in the food processor that is fitted with the blade attachment.

Sprinkle some salt over top. A half teaspoon will do.

Pulse until they are finely minced.

Transfer the minced garlic into freezer safe bags and press to flatten. 

Alternatively, freeze the garlic in ice cube trays and once frozen transfer them into freezer-safe bags or containers.

That’s it! The garlic will keep freshest up to a month. Meaning that you will not be able to taste the difference between fresh or frozen. However, I can’t tell the difference even after a few months. 

It keeps fresh up to 9 months but, who are we kidding? If you follow my recipes it will run out in a month 🙂

Make sure to label the bag/container because, after things freeze, it is hard to tell what they are. haha! The smell test is not always pleasant. Trust me! 

Here are a few of my favorite kitchen essentials. Every qualifying purchase earns this blog a small commission from my Amazon affiliate. Thank you very much for your support!



Use the minced garlic to make my delicious Greek-American Gyro with tzatziki sauce. Click here.


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